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Meekness is our strength as Christians, Lent is a time to embrace it

By Michael Howard JESUS' call to meekness is a challenge of strength. Our world can be obnoxious and aggressive, meekness is rarely held out to be a virtue. The meek...

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Hundreds take the next step on path to baptism and confirmation in Brisbane

SEEING each person who was soon to be received into the Church at Easter, hearing their name called out and getting words of support from their friends and family -...

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A Psalm of Praise - Benedic Anima Mea

The first priority in Archbishop Mark's Apostolic Priorities for the Archdiocese of Brisbane, documented in With Lamps Ablaze, is Teaching Prayer. He says, "Often we urge people to pray but...

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Let's Talk About Lent - Episode 1: What is Lent?

In the first episode of this series, Let's Talk About Lent, Fr Will and Sr Theresa Maria invite us to look into the meaning of Lent and the significance of...

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Let's Talk about Lent with Fr Will and Sr Theresa

Lent is a time of conversion and penance that the Catholic Church offers to believers to prepare for and live the Easter triduum -- the mystery of the passion, death,...

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First Sunday of Lent - Two-Minute Homily: Fr Kevin Smith

Two-Minute Homily by Fr Kevin Smith for the First Sunday of Lent 2024. "The little trouble I go to, that prayer I say to help me to forgive that person...

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Pope Francis' Monthly Prayer Intention - February 2024

Each month, Pope Francis puts forward a prayer intention and asks Catholics around the world to join him in prayer. These monthly prayer intentions reflect the concerns of the Holy...

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Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Two-Minute Homily: Dcn Chad Hargrave

Two-Minute Homily by Dcn Chad Hargrave for the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time 2024. "The radical love and mercy of God will cross any barriers that we think separate us...

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Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Two-Minute Homily: Fr Anthony Mellor

Two-Minute Homily by Fr Anthony Mellor for the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time 2024. "If we want the best of life, then we must allow ourselves to be transformed by...

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Australia Day Message

Australia Day is marked in different ways by the different peoples who form the rich tapestry of this nation lying beneath the Southern Cross. For some it is a moment...

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